Beware. A blessing & a curse.

Blessing:  money off your vacation for a few hours of your time

Curse:      Everyone wants you to go to every timeshare and they won’t take no for an answer

Beware the airport. JUST WALK THROUGH TO THE OUTSIDE once you get your bags, do not let anyone stop you for any reason, they are ruthless. (they even hit us up at the Alamo rental car facility for a price break on the car if we went to another hotel timeshare shpeel and at the cabo information booth).

If you do the timeshare tour at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Hotel (which they mask a lot as a tour of the facilities), they usually knock off $100 per person off your food and drink tabs, give you a discount on all excursions you book through them, and I got a free hour long massage, too. It’s a game. They ALWAYS want you to do it the day after you arrive in the morning and offer a free breakfast + money, etc before you see any other resorts or even explore Cabo. This way, they ensure they snare you first. (Did we mention we bought a timeshare last October at Sunset Beach?) Just enjoy the free drinks, free breakfast, free money & free massage, but unless you really have the $$ and the time to work the system and use it, then do the tour and break it off - they’ll cling on hard.