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Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach -  Middle Pool

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach (view of middle pool)

Wedding Party & Guests Lodging:

*** UPDATE***

***9 rooms on hold at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach under:  Wendy Berry & Donald Campbell Wedding Party for $173+taxes per night.   (10% off hotel food/beverage/spa) - normally room rates are $230/night***

Pueblo Bonito “Sunset Beach” Hotel

[One of the top 20 resorts in Mexico according to Conde Nast (2007)]

PB Sunset Beach is where the families and wedding party are staying, it is above the hill from the Pacifica hotel. We would love to have everyone stay here if you can! but we understand that some will be staying at other hotels in the area.

  • Free shuttles every 30 mn between the Sunset Beach and Pacifica hotel (where the wedding is)
  • Free shuttles every hour to the Pueblo Bonito Rose Hotel & Pueblo Bonito Blanco Hotel in downtown Cabo San Lucas.
  • The Sunset Beach hotel has multiple pools with swim up bars and a large pool for kids as well, including an infiniti or sky pool at the top of the hill looking for miles over the ocean.
  • Happy hour brings 2 for one drinks and a wonderful selection of appetizers. We love the mud slides & ceviche! :)

** The Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach is over the hill 5 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas. It is set on the side of a hill along Sunset Beach and it is beautiful. There is a free hourly shuttle running from the Sunset Beach hotel to their other Sister hotels: Pueblo Bonito “Rose” and “Blanco” which are downtown located on Medano Beach (the main downtown beach - very very active!). There is also a shuttle every 30 mn between the Sunset & Pacifica hotels. Staying at any of the Pueblo Bonito Hotels you can use their facilities and free shuttles **

** Please note that the Pueblo Bonito “Pacifica” Hotel (where the wedding is) does not allow children to stay there, it is an adult only hotel (children however are welcomed for the wedding & reception!) **


Currently, we have found that is offering the best airfare + hotel room at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach deals (i.e. buying airfare + an approximate $200 in most cases is getting most guests 3-4 nights at the hotel). This rate is much cheaper than what we were quoted for our wedding group (unfortunately). * also has the room rate of $170 per room. *

If you wish to stay longer, we know of several timeshare sites that sell their timeshare for the owner’s fee for the week. If you want to do this, let us know and we can show you where to look. Sometimes this can be $750 for a week which includes a kitchenette and you can use the fitness center for free.

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