HUE (the old capitol)

Hue  (on the coast, south of Hanoi) was the capitol of Vietnam, the feudal sovereignty, from 1744 when the Nguyen lords controlled all of southern Vietnam from the city. Hue is divided between the older fortified Citadel, containing almost everything interesting, and the new, smaller sprawl that has developed across the river. The new side contains most of the facilities, the hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and banks. People come to Hue to see the old Imperial complex, the Citadel and the Forbidden city, the pagodas, and the many tombs of the emperors that lie a few kilometers south of the city. Each tomb is a walled compound containing temples, palaces, and lakes.

Don and I stayed at the Imperial Hotel which is right next to the river and the bridge that takes you to the Citadel and the Market (great market, really smelly and full of dried squid! Yay!).  The hotel was AMAZING.  It was very beautiful and unfortunately it had only a handful of tourists and wayyy to many serving staff.  But it was nice.  It was a quick walk down the street to the DMZ bar (Demilitarized Zone Bar) where we sang to the Cure and some pixies and rubbed elbows with may of the expats there.

We toured the Old Citadel, took pictures of the Miu temple (where I also took a picture of the kitty next to it…so a mew in the miu! ok, I thought it was funny) - We also took a river cruise down the Perfume River which took nearly the whole day.  We made multiple stops at tombs of emporers past and their amazing pagodas, lakes and temples (not to mention hundreds of concubines).  We also traveled with the Quebequoi couple Richard & Lucy who we had met in Halong Bay & made a couple of Aussie/Tasmanian friends along the way, Shannon & Craig who were really fun to travel with.  Shannon also clued me in on Hoi-An, which was the next town on the agenda, how to bargain on making clothes & shoes at our next stop!

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